Nigerians mock Tinubu as Obasanjo displays his agility by leaping from a high podium.

Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo has sparked new controversy after a video of him jumping from a high podium went viral.

The two-term president demonstrated his strength and agility once again when he jumped down from a high podium at a recent White Christmas Festival.

Many people admired him after watching the viral video and singing his praises.

Despite his age, the former president maintains his agility.

Trust Nigerians to compare him to APC presidential candidate Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who has been the target of mockery and memes due to his deteriorating health.

Many mocked him, predicting that Tinubu would die if he pulled such a stunt.

One Michael U wrote, “Make una no put ideas inside Tinubu’s mind oo. If he try am, na afterlife straight!!

One Seun dreams wrote, “Where as a certain candidate can’t do this..what a balablu bulaba

One Everyone loves Gracie wrote, “If Blu bla try this one, he’d finally Rest In Pieces

One Jeffry Pretty pretty wrote, “This man strong pass Tinubu 100 times

One Mhiz Sophia wrote, “Thiefnubu my candidate go land for globi if he try this

One Official Bobby Frederick wrote, “The other one claim 60 years can’t climb stairs without looking for pillar of humans to support him

One Vicky Gold wrote, “But jokes apart this ma strong ooo, very strong self for his age wow once a soldier always a soldier.

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