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Young Lady earns PhD at 25 years old, joins the 3.1% of black women in US with Doctoral degree

At the young age of 25, a remarkable woman by the name of Alesha Hammond obtained her PhD from the University of Lynchburg in the United States.

Alesha Hammond had an outstanding academic career while pursuing her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, and at the age of 25, she graduated from the University of Lynchburg, Virginia, with a Doctor of Health Administration – Healthcare Leadership degree.

She graduated from East Carolina University in the United States with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health before transferring to West Coast University in Irvine, California. Alesha thanked God for enabling her to fulfill her childhood ambition as she rejoiced in her extraordinary accomplishment.

“Only 3.1% of black women in the US earn doctoral degrees and tomorrow morning I will officially be one of them Officially as Dr Hammond,” she wrote on Facebook.

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