Obi Cubana faces backlash following his uninvited motivational lecture to Nigerian youths

Obinna Iyiegbu, a wealthy businessman and socialite better known by his stage name Obi Cubana, has come under criticism for giving an uninvited speech of motivation to young people in Nigeria.

Any celebrity in Nigeria who doesn’t speak out against election rigging would face harsh criticism.

Obi Cubana, who was formerly quite popular, has earned a bad reputation among Nigerians due to his silence about the compilation of election results.

The billionaire, who recently celebrated the birthday of his wife, posted a daily inspirational remark on his Instagram page for young people.

The astute businessman had cautioned young people to avoid mistaking modesty for weakness.

Obi Cubana asserted in his lesson on the value of humility that it is a virtue and that it helps individuals succeed.

“Dear Youth,
Never you mistake humility for weakness!
Humility for a virtue!
Humility opens doors, plenty of doors!
Stay humble…
Have a productive week”.

Following harsh criticism, the merchant erased the message.

Sadly, a lot of people weren’t buying his inspirational speech since they felt that the founder of Cubana had let them down by not speaking out against electoral fraud.

One Imoni Yanki wrote, “Odugwu pls leave motivational speech for now… INEC is current rigging the election right now

One Nwamadu wrote, “Oga you are not saying anything about this election. We don tire for this una motivational word, motivate us by actions not words because actions speaks louder

One Chuks wrote, “Sir with all due respect, ion think we need this motivation this morning cuz during this election votings and all that, you ain’t do shit!! Don’t come this morning tryna drop all that motivation

One Kay wrote, “With die respect sir keep quiet. If you can’t speak up for the people/youth now, just keep your advice to yourself and act like you don’t know what happening in Nigeria

One Eagle wrote, “Every Monday Dear Youths, wtf are you dearing self? Biko dey well. This is not right time to dear youths

One Mimi Edos wrote, “Motivation speaker wey no sabi fight for his ppl. Na INEC matter we dey now..

One shady kings wrote, “Na better rubbish talk be this, if u no get wetin to talk just kuku dey ur dey ndi motivational speakers. So na to dry humble even when things are going wrong yeah? Una no well

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