Regina Daniels’ 2-Year-Old Son Demonstrates Perfect Acting Skills

Munir Nwoko, Regina Daniels’ first son, has captured and melted the hearts of internet users with a video of him acting flawlessly in front of his mother.

Nollywood actress Regina Daniels appears to be grooming her first child, Munir Nwoko, to be an actor.

Munir was seen making expressions in a video posted to his official Instagram account, with his mother serving as the director.

In the background, a mother of two could be heard instructing her son on how to make various facial expressions, and the youngster perfectly followed her instructions.

Munir clearly enjoyed the role he played during the brief acting session with his mother, as evidenced by his broad smile.

Missystarry reacted: “Omo you can’t help but love this boy, except your own hate on people is from the village. May the Lord keep protecting him in wisdom and health. You’re blessed Gina.”

Mz_zara2 wrote: “Incoming actor. He does not even know how to frown. Such a happy baby”.

Fionacaresempire added: “So sweet. He will be a good actor.”

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Watch the video below:

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