The Zamafara PDP Governorship Primary Appeal is dismissed by the Appellate Court

The Zamfara People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and three other parties had filed an appeal with the Appellate Court (Sokoto division) in an effort to defend the party’s previous governorship primary in Zamafra State.

The appeal had to be dismissed, the court ruled, due to its lack of merit.

The appellate court cannot consider the appeal because it is merely an academic exercise, according to Presiding Judge Muhammad Shuaibu as he read the decision.

Justice Shuaibu acknowledged that the appellants—Zamfara State PDP, Lawal Dauda Dare, Adamu Maina Waziri, and Bala Bande—have a constitutional right to appeal, but he added that the court’s current case goes beyond the limitations of the appellants’ constitutional right.

According to Justice Shuaibu, the appellants forfeited their right to appeal by submitting to the lower court’s order and taking part in the new primary.

The judge also upheld the lower court’s ruling that the party’s primary election that produced Dauda Lawal Dare was invalidated due to some irregularities that prevented women delegates from taking part in the primary election’s conduct and ordered new primary elections.

The appellate court also fined the appellants N100,000 in costs for filing preliminary objections that took up a significant amount of the court’s time.

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