A man confronted VIO officials after driving without a seat belt.

A Nigerian man has shown uncommon bravery by challenging VIO officials for not following the driving code in Nigeria.

In a viral video, a group of VIO officials were driving without seat belts in their official vehicle, and he decided to confront them.

The man got out of his car, which was stuck behind their van in traffic, and asked them why they weren’t wearing seat belts.

They attempted to ignore him and drive away, but traffic prevented them from progressing more than a few inches.

He followed the VIO and stated that they are breaking the law that they are supposed to uphold, but the men defended themselves by stating that they are on operation.

The man then inquired as to what operation was taking place on the road that justified them driving without seat belts.

He stated that they arrest citizens for breaking traffic laws only to find out that they are the ones who are at fault.

Because of the offense, the man claimed he was supposed to arrest them and seize the vehicle, but all he did was confront them. He then returned to the car from which he had alighted and hopped back into the front passenger seat.

Watch the video below:

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