Adeleke appoints tribunals to reclaim stolen state property

The Osun state’s governor, Ademola Adeleke, has given the panels’ and committees’ members the responsibility of keeping track of all stolen state property.

This was stated in a statement released on Wednesday by Malam Olawale Rasheed, Adeleke’s spokesperson.

The governor issued the directive after establishing four panels in Osogbo to review all appointments made by the previous administration after July 17.

Adeleke protested the widespread “pillaging” of public property through the deputy governor, Mr. Kola Adewusi.

”You must right the wrongs and discharge your mandates with sense of urgency.

”We assure the people that we will not back down on our resolve to stop all post July 17 illegalities,” he said, assuring that the state payroll pre-July 17 remains intact.

Adeleke asserted that no employee on the Osun payroll has been fired by the state government.

”Those with issues to explain are those who entered the payroll after July 17,” he said.

The Staff Audit/Appointments/Promotion Review Committee, led by Dr. Muyiwa Oladimeji, and the State Assets Inventory and Review Committee are among the review bodies that the governor established.

Others include the Chieftency Affairs Review Committee and the Contracts/MoU/Agreements Review Committee, which is led by Mr. Niyi Owolade.

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