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FIFA penalizes Belgium for its colorful uniform

The World Cup in Qatar will not allow Belgium to sport its vibrant warm-up shirt, according to FIFA.

Belgium’s World Cup campaign begins on Wednesday against Canada; the other teams in Group F they will face are Morocco and Croatia.

But on FIFA’s orders, Belgium would now have to make some last-minute changes to their uniforms before their tournament opener.

Before FIFA intervened on Monday and failed to guarantee that players would not receive a warning or potential suspension for the gesture, Eden Hazard was scheduled to wear the OneLove armband.

Hazard will now follow in the footsteps of Harry Kane, Gareth Bale, and Virgil van Dijk by refusing to wear the armband for their World Cup games on Monday.

Additionally, Belgium’s white away uniform had to be changed to hide the word “love,” which is located inside the collar and is not visible to spectators.

Due to the kits’ inspiration from the fireworks of Belgium’s renowned music festival Tomorrowland, which seeks to promote diversity, equality, and inclusion, the kits in Belgium have been changed.

‘All countries are perplexed,’ said Peter Bossaert, head of Belgium’s Football Association.

‘Most of my colleagues were at the opening match, I don’t think they saw anything of the spectacle. We had other concerns.

‘The fact is that all of us cannot live with the attitude of FIFA. Not even myself.

‘The toughness of FIFA is shocking. We need to critically analyse our relationship.

‘We need FIFA, but they also need us. We will see in the future how to proceed.’

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