In a recent video, Joke Silva discusses her husband Olu Jacobs’ health.

In a recent interview, Silva Joke, the renowned actor Olu Jacobs’ wife, discussed her husband’s present state of health.

It may be noted that the seasoned actress acknowledged in an earlier interview that her husband, Olu Jacobs, is coping with dementia caused by a Lewy body. She revealed that her spouse “doesn’t comprehend what is going on” and has been battling the illness “for a couple of years.”

Joke Silva recently discussed how her husband’s illness has affected her and how she has been able to manage his health in an interview with Mercy Johnson for her YouTube cooking show, “Mercy’s Menu.”

Joke Silva has acknowledged that they have had some religious and spiritual support, but all efforts to restore his health have been unsuccessful.

She quickly followed up by saying that she had quickly come to terms with the difficult new reality of her husband’s health.

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