I’ve stopped trying to compete with women being sponsored by men – Working class lady

Queen Precy, a Nigerian woman, has bemoaned how challenging it is to surpass ladies who frequently receive financial presents from males.

The real estate agent claimed she had come to the realization that a person with a salary could not compete with a woman to whom men always gave money.

Precy claimed she attempted to outwork a girl who is receiving sponsorship but was unable to compete with her, therefore she quit attempting to compete with them.

She gave an example of how she works for N200k whereas the other woman received N400k from a man in the same time frame.

The realtor claims that she has made the decision to be pleased and happy with the money she makes from her honest work.

Precy wrote; “You cannot outwork , outcompete a babe getting money from her man every two weeks ,I tried it, I don work 200k , they have sent her 400k.

I just had to quickly leave competition zone and start manifesting , appreciating , hailing and being happy because depression for kill me. I’m seriously getting oppressed but.”

In reaction, @agirlcantoo wrote; My younger sister dey collect my 3 month salary every couple of weeks that time from her ex , I used to sit down & think of my life 😂

@dannyberry_; Everybody saying “why were you competing”… me I’m just cheer amazed at your maturity and awareness that you knew when to quit and change that toxic habit… to more wins 🥂💪🏾 Some of your mutual follows often like this Tweeter

@hannahwsnn; Competing in the first place is silly, it’s giving SS2

@kachaofuma; A lot of people don’t know when to quit, then it turns to hatred from them to the other person.. I’ve trained my mind to manifest every good thing around me.

@mariampearls; In as much as I don’t do competition no matter how much you flaunt it to my face but low-key looking for a man to place me on salary 😟😟😟

@SSmileyhart; The people saying “why compete” are being so dishonest. Sometimes it’s not active jealousy motivated competition. It could be as simple as them getting something you also like and want for yourself. You strive to get it, only for it to be old model when you do. Rinse and repeat.

@jaiykneepharr; Truth is, women like this are usually very lazy. It’s so difficult to work when a man keeps spoiling you with money like that. You won’t make out anything for yourself! and Godforbid the relationship ends, you’ll do anything to sustain the lifestyle he introduced you to.

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