Soludo devalued Peter Obi to less than 10 Kobo, so no one will buy him, according to Governor Sule.

According to Governor Abdullahi Sule of Nassarawa State, Peter Obi’s value has decreased to less than 10 kobo as a result of Charles Soludo’s criticism of the Labour Party’s presidential candidate.

In an interview with Politics Today on Channels Television on Wednesday, Sule made this claim.

He said, “So, if you go to Anambra, look at what governor of Anambra (is saying). They were in the same party. It’s not that they changed parties. It’s Peter Obi that changed parties but it’s the same All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA).

“So, if you go and see what he is saying today about Peter Obi, you will not buy Peter Obi for 10 kobo.”

The governor of Nasarawa previously stated that he is unaware of any LP candidate for the state’s general elections in 2023.

He said,“Today in Nassarawa state you can go and check, who is the Labour Party candidate in Nassarawa state? I’m not saying it with disrespect, you will not see him anywhere. I don’t even know his name. This is the party that is winning the election.

“Social media election is quite different from the practical election. Talking about gathering, are you going to compare that with what has happened in Lagos, Kano. I was in Kano together with Asiwaju it took us five hours.

“Labour Party had their flag-off in my state, in Lafia, the state capital, we gave them a venue. The venue was a secondary school football field because we didn’t have the stadium ready. We didn’t have the other center ready. There was nobody there. It was not full. Not even 50 percent of the venue was full. That’s the same party they say will win the election,” he added.

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