The Federal Character has not aided Nigeria – Rivers APGA gubernatorial candidate

On Sunday, Rivers APGA Governorship Candidate Prince Ugo Beke stated that the principle of Federal Character had not helped Nigeria achieve its founding fathers’ dream.

Beke, a merchant banker and financial consultant, was speaking to newsmen in Lagos about Rivers zoning and why another Ikwere Man should be part of the succession after Rotimi Amechi and Nyesom Wike.

“As an Ikwere Man, with my antecedents, the demographics will favour me,” he said.

Beke, who has stated that he does not believe in zoning or the federal character principle, believes that the principle should not be promoted in the interests of national unity, economic growth, and development.

Beke said: “The principle has further divided Nigeria. The federal character principle, zoning is undemocratic.

“It cannot give the best result that can take the country to a greater height globally. It further divides Nigeria.”

According to him, the principle has failed to produce the best results that can ensure the country’s desired growth and development.

Beke, an indigene of Ikwerre, which produced Rivers’ last two governors, said the nation’s founding fathers were more concerned with the development of the country than with zoning or the principle of federal character.

According to him, Sir Herbert Macaulay did not consider zoning when he supported Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe’s leadership of the National Youth Movement, which resulted in the best results in the nation’s history.

“The federal character system has destroyed Nigeria. We should not encourage zoning if the federal character has not worked.

“When we did not consider federal character and zoning, Nigerians were happier and talked less about tribalism and ethnicity.”

Beke stated that if he wins the 2023 general elections, his efforts will be focused on the economy, human capital development, and security.

Speaking about the new Election Act, the candidate expressed confidence that the 2023 elections would be more credible and transparent than the previous elections held in the country due to some of the technologies already implemented by the electoral umpire.

“BVAS is the same technology we all use for our international passport whenever we traveled abroad.

“The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is not the owner of the technology but the commission only provides administration. The technology is domiciled in Dublin. We are using the satellite of Elon Musk.

“It is going to be difficult for INEC to manipulate the outcome of the election. The problem with the election process we have been having before has to do with the Incident Result Form.

“Right now, that is not feasible. We now have a backup for the system that is being operated. We also have times when the satellite shuts down. We also know when the result can no longer be admitted,” he said.

According to him, all issues involving ballot box snatching on election day will be irrelevant.

Beke added, “I believe INEC has no choice but to submit to the superiority of what has been put in place. Therefore, I am confident that votes will count in 2023.

He was confident that the process would ensure his victory.

The candidate promised to establish a security trust fund to address the state’s various security challenges, as well as to build an entirely new city in the state to rival Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

He claimed that the state’s previous and current governments had failed to serve the people’s interests. (NAN)

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