Udeogaranya November 14, 2022: Peter Obi is the solution to Nigeria’s problems – 2023

Chief Charles Udeogaranya, a Nigerian political analyst and front-line politician, has advised Nigerians not to be misled by the shenanigans and quack songs of sorrow aimed at duping unsuspecting electorates in the 2023 presidential election, saying the difference is clear on who the cap fits the best among the trio candidates of Obi, Atiku, and Tinubu.

The politician stated that Mr Peter Obi is the only candidate among the three who understands how to build an economy, having grown several successful businesses and chaired a successful bank, putting him in a unique and better position to address Nigeria’s economic challenges.“A rare profile that Nigerian presidents in the past and 2023 presidential candidates do not possess”.

Udeogaraya said  “with due respect to the other candidates, Mr Peter Obi if elected as the next president of Nigeria, his emergence will heal the nation bleeding profusely from inequality in over fifty years, which will help unify Nigeria with an unprecedented loyalty to the Nigerian government and state.

The former Presidential aspirant advised Nigerians not to listen to those who place their hope in the political structure and stolen money they intend to share as their sole hope of winning an election, as they do not care about Nigerians, but rather support Peter Obi of the Labour Party, whose candidacy is a solution to Nigerian problems, and the difference will be clear from 2023 if elected.

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