When I was waiting for my life to end, Victor AD allowed me to squat with him.

Adindu Victor, better known as AV, a rising musician, has revealed that he squatted in Victor AD’s house before breaking into the industry.

The ‘Big Thug Boys’ hitmaker discussed his career and problems on a recent episode of the All-Nighter podcast.

He went on to say that, despite living with Victor AD, he still went to the studio to record with his producer in the hopes of scoring a hit.

AV stated that because he had not yet released his 2020 hit song, much of his time was spent recording music and eating at AD’s house.

He explained that he was simply waiting for life to end and decided to enjoy it while he could.

“I was living with Victor AD then; I was actually recording. I didn’t put out music then… I haven’t even released ‘Big Thug Boys’ yet.

“I was just maing most of the time with my producer, recording music, eating, tryin to enjoy life before it ends…”

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Watch the video below:

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