“A wedding for ten million naira is not a big wedding,” says Twitter user Sally Sulieman.

Sally Suleiman, a Twitter personality, has caused quite a stir on social media after claiming that a wedding costing N10 million is a small wedding.

Sally stated in her tweet that N10 million is insufficient to finance a large wedding in Nigeria given the current reality, and that it is for people in the’middle class trenches.’

According to her, she planned a family member’s wedding with a N10 million budget in 2014, and it didn’t do much, to say the least.

She tweeted,

“10million naira in today’s world is not a big wedding. I would describe it as the people who are in middle class trenches. I can break that 10million naira down for you as someone who planned a fam’s wedding with 10million in 2014 and it was nothing fantastic, not to talk of now.”

To back up her point, Sally provided a breakdown of how she would spend #10 million on a wedding following the reactions to her tweet.

In a subsequent tweet, she stated,

“10 million naira wedding/trad breakdown

Hall: 700k
Deco: 700k
Food: 2500 per plate x 400 (if 300 guest) = 1m
Drinks: 1m
Media: 500k
Brides outfit(2): 300k
Shoe: 30k
Hair and makeup: 150k
Man’s outfit: 200k
Ring: 200k
MC and DJ: 300k
Ushering: 100k
Hotel: 100k (2 nights)”

See pictures below,

Twitter personality

Twitter personality

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