On a video chat with a colleague, Berri Tiga, singer Portable states, “Who go help you no go stress you.”

Following the current dispute over song ownership involving Berri Tiga and comedian Carter Efe, Nigerian musician Portable recently contacted his colleague Berri Tiga.

Berri received a video call from Portable, who appeared to give him some advice. Keep in mind that Poco Lee, a professional dancer, and Portable had a similar encounter a few months ago.

A video of Portable and Berri Tiga allegedly discussing the situation with Skit Maker, Carter Efe, was posted by Portable on his official Instagram page.

In the video, Portable exhorts Berri to use good judgment and refrain from letting himself be cheated out of what he is due. In a video that sparked controversy, Berri claimed that Carter had promised him 5% of the profits from the song Machala, which he had independently written and performed.

As the caption for his video, Portable stated,

”Who go help you no go stress you 💯 Aza Man

@berri_tiga Akoi Wise 🔌 KINIMAH FAJAH You’re Blowded. 💯💯💯”

watch the video below;

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