Carter Efe responds to Yhemo Lee’s allegation that he earned N7.1 million in one night by saying, “You shared a false Excel document.”

Following boastful remarks, Nigerian content creator Carter Efe and musician/actor Yhemo Lee have been at odds for the past 36 hours.

It all began when Yhemo asserted that he earns more money in a single evening than other skit producers do after producing seven skits.

His remark offended Carter Efe, who called him out for insulting other content creators.

Carter Efe


A clearly irate Efe warned the actor during an Instagram live session for speaking poorly of him and his colleagues before going on to inquire whether Yhemo Lee is a nighttime thief.

The Machala singer further accused Yhemo Lee of leading a false life and using other people’s automobiles after claiming to earn $50,000 (N35 million) for seven skits.

Yhemo Lee responded by sharing a receipt for one of his winnings, which revealed that he had earned N7.1 million in a single night at a club.

Yhemo Lee

The Socialite went on to claim that he didn’t use any names before Efe called him out and that he was only stating that the nightlife is more lucrative.

He further stated that the sum he earned in a single evening was probably equivalent to Carter Efe’s six-month endorsement salary.

However, the author of the post alleged that Yhemo was attempting to trick users by using a bogus excel sheet as payment documentation.

He emphasized that the singer and hypeman must describe the actual nighttime work for which he receives a salary of more than N7 million.

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