After a native doctor sent a swarm of bees to his hand for stealing, a thief reports himself to the police.

An alleged burglar was caught on camera writhing in agony after a swarm of bees attacked his hand while he was stealing.

He allegedly stole from a man in Makutano, Kenya, who then went to a local physician for assistance in finding the thief.

After performing some incantations, the herbalist instructed bees to go find the person who had stolen the goods and gather their hands.

Evidently, the jazz was effective because the bees landed right in the thief’s hand and he immediately fled to the closest police station for assistance.

He reported himself and confessed to the crime, so the police went in search of the person whose item had been stolen, and he contacted the native doctor in turn.

A video circulating online shows the thief sobbing as the bees remained on his hand, causing him unimaginable pain.

The man could be seen pleading with the people to help him, but they chose to film and mock him.

The native doctor eventually arrived and performed a ritual to make the bees disappear, but he also stated that the thief must parade himself around the community to shame him for the act.

The thief walked around Makutano in shame after performing the incantations just outside the police station.

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