Man and his friends pack up his girlfriend’s pharmacy store because she cheated.

When he discovered his girlfriend was cheating on him, he invaded the pharmacist store where she sells medicines and packed everything inside.

He claimed to be the one who gave her the money to stock the business, and because she did not respect him enough to remain faithful, he chose to collect the things purchased with his money.

A video going viral on the internet shows him making a commotion with his pals in the neighborhood where the pharmacist business is located.

The young men packed every drug and thing they could find within the store and took it away in disposable polythene bags after he and his friends chased the girl out of the store.

Some of his buddies attempted to confront his girlfriend for having the audacity to cheat on him, and he could be heard in the background insisting that he is not stealing the stuff.

They majestically walked away with the bags of medications toward the end of the video.

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Watch the video below:

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