Lady threatens violence at a hotel as she naps her boyfriend with another lady

After learning that her boyfriend had been cheating on her, a Nigerian woman caused a commotion at a hotel in Lagos State.

The pair had reportedly been dating for two years, and the event followed a fight they had in the same hotel, according to a source.

According to reports, the girl and her boyfriend had initially stayed in the hotel together for two weeks before she packed her bags and left.

Days later, she returned, only to find that he had replaced her with another woman.

She instructed him to open the door, but when he refused, she began berating him while the other woman was still inside.

In a video that went viral, she was seen threatening fire and brimstone while holding an object near her boyfriend’s hotel room window.

The girlfriend was observed describing what had transpired to a man who approached her for clarification.

A sourced said; ”This happened at a hotel in Lagos. She and her boyfriend of two years were lodging in the hotel together for two weeks. So, they had issues and she left only to come back today to see he had another girl in the room.

So she told him to open the door and he refused and she started hurling insulting words at him and he was responding via the window. She later brought police to arrest him.”

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Watch the video below:


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