Carter Efe seen with Berri Tiga amid ‘Machala’ royalty dispute (Video)

Just days after they feuded online once more, comedian turned singer Carter Efe has been spotted in a video with singer Berri Tiga in what many are calling a clever PR scam.

According to CorrectNG, Tiga has lately started pursuing Carter Efe in their dispute over the song Machala’s copyright.

He asserted that the comedian turned singer offered him N200,000 in the form of a 30% royalty on the money made by the popular song.

Carter Efe has been spotted in a video with singer Berri Tiga

Berri criticized Carter Efe during an Instagram live session for giving him a laughably small sum.

He bemoaned not receiving a fair portion of the proceeds from the song, which shot to the top of streaming services.

Carter Efe has been spotted in a video with singer Berri Tiga

The skit creator was made fun of by Berri Tiga, who claimed that the music industry does not function in the same way as the online comedy sector.

The “God” singer used an internet source to research whether the money Carter Efe sent him was intended for “garri or eba.”

However, a recent web video shows the pair having fun while promoting the singer’s brand-new single.

Additionally, this comes after Carter Efe sternly warned Berri to quit exploiting his name to gain influence.

He berated the musician for his insistence that he (Carter) only paid him 5% of the money from the sales of their popular song, Machala.

If Tiga continues to post unverified statements online, the content producer threatens to have him detained or punished by military.

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