Lady discovers that she and her children are second family of her husband just after his death

On Twitter, a South African woman using the handle @WhyUfikelate stated that she later learned that her late father had another family.

She claims that although they had suspicions he had a secret life somewhere else, they were unable to corroborate them.

The young woman claimed that she and her mother, brothers, and she were his second family only after he passed away.

@WhyUfikelate wrote; ”For the longest time we suspected my Dad had a second family,when he died we discovered that we were the second family 💀”

In reaction, @UsisThandi wrote; I like how he played his cards, you suspected but never found out until he died. That’s how it should be done should the 1st or 2nd wife don’t approve of isithembu. The fact that you guys never knew proves that he respected the two families he had.

@Uwaskyy; The way some men pretend, lie, betray, and lead double lives, then leave their families to deal with it after their demise is something I cannot comprehend. A coward in life and death!!

@Askforken; Like that movie where the kids suspected their house was haunted…until they finally realized that THEY were the ones haunting the house.

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