A rising musician accuses Oluwadolarz of defrauding him of N100,000.

Karls, a Nigerian musician, has called out Instagram comedian Oluwadolarz for allegedly failing to honor an agreement and then refusing to refund his money.

He stated that he was contacted by Oluwadolarz to coordinate a promotional campaign video for his song, and he was informed that the fee is N500k.

Karls stated that they bargained and eventually agreed that he would pay N100,000, so he paid immediately.

He stated that he contacted the skit maker several weeks after making the payment to Oluwadolarz.

According to the musician, he repeatedly called and texted the content creator but kept stalling and making excuses.

He shared screenshots of their chat and wrote; ”In August I sent a Dm to Oluwadolarz on Instagram for a Song Promotion, The promotion was for him to make a Tiktok Video vibing to my my song which was scheduled to drop that same month, He told me it would cost me 500K for a Video, but we made negotiations and he agreed.

I should pay 100K, and I made the payment immediately…

So the song dropped like two weeks after and I reached out to him on whatsapp because my Instagram account got disabled by Instagram, he didn’t reply then I called him and he picked and we talked he said I should send him the song link, I sent it to him, he didn’t reply for weeks even after sending him lots of messages and calling him, I waited and kept texting him later he came with an excuse saying he travelled for a shoot and he couldn’t use his phone.

I said okay so he should let me know when he will be chanced to make the video then he stopped replying, I texted him, called him, begged him to please do the video or at least refund me if he can’t refund all, he should refund some but till now no reply from him, he stopped picking my calls and had my number on user busy, This is so sad and I’m tired.”*






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