Market woman declines when a ‘poor man’ offers her money in exchange for food.

A Nigerian man known as dexycreation shared a touching video in which he begged a woman for food.

The content creator conducted his usual social experiment and asked the woman to support him because he was hungry.

He claimed he didn’t have enough money to buy food. She then asked him if he would accept the potato that she sells so that he could cook it, to which he agreed.

When she offered him the food, he was moved by her gesture and revealed that he was only interested in seeing if she would help him because he wasn’t hungry.

He wanted to return the potatoes, but the trader insisted that he keep them, saying that even if he didn’t need them, he must have friends who were looking for food.

Dexy offered her money in appreciation, but she declined, stating that she gave him the food out of the goodness of her heart.

He insisted on her collecting the money, but she refused because it was improper for her to accept money from someone who begged for help.

She told him that if he ever wanted to help her, he should come back another day because she might need his assistance then.

Watch the video below:


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