Kenya: Nyota Ndogo’s clever reason for rejecting her husband’s iPhone 14 gift

Kenyan musician Nyota Ndogo has shocked netizens by rejecting her husband’s gift of an iPhone 14.

The Watu na Viatu artist stated that she was happy with her iPhone 11 and that she had a better plan for the money. Nyota posted a video of herself conversing with her husband on her Facebook page.

” Baby what are you looking for?” she asked.

“iPhone 14,” he responded as he continued to browse on his laptop.

“Do you want to buy an iPhone 14?” Nyota followed up.

After he revealed, he was getting her a new phone, Nyota got confrontational as she noted,

“I don’t want an iPhone 14, who said I want a phone? I have an iPhone 11, that’s enough for me, I can take photos…it’s enough.”

“But it’s old, it’s the old model,” he said.

He then encouraged young people to step outside of their comfort zones and pursue their dreams. The main point he made was that all dreams were valid.

As he hinted earlier when captioning Marua’s photo, Bahati is expecting his third child with Diana Marua.

“Okay and an iPhone.”

Nyota captioned the video, “Mwenye akili tu ndio atanielewa pekeake..ametoka kazini kanambia nimpe laptop yake.”

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