After donating N20 million for her schooling, a Nigerian father tells his daughter: “Don’t come home if you don’t get first class” (Video)

Because he invested a lot of time in teaching his daughter for her MSc degree, a Nigerian dad has challenged his daughter to graduate with a first class.

The father said in a video posted by the girl that he has already raised N20m to pay for the girl’s higher education and that he anticipates she would graduate with honors.

He advised her not to bother going back to their family home if she does not receive a distinction in her Masters degree when she graduates.

The father and his 25-year-old daughter were talking on their date about the likelihood of each of them achieving their goals.

The Msc student defended herself by stating that it is difficult to excel while maintaining decent grades, and she pleaded with her father to be understanding because the stress of aiming for first place might have a negative impact on her mental health.

But her father insisted that she must master reading since they could not afford to pay N20 million for her education just for her to achieve poorly.

He advised the family to raise N2m rather than N20m if she knows she won’t be a star student so she can concentrate on running her bag business.

She said that since she had already earned a first-class bachelor’s degree, she wouldn’t need to work twice as hard right now.

She passionately objected when her father suggested that he should not forbid her from seeing males because it was too early in her life.

Then, when she questioned whether he did not want her to get married, he responded that if that were the case, she should give up her education and start looking for a husband.

He claimed that after she gives birth, her children will be able to continue their pursuit of academic greatness, saving her the trouble.

Meanwhile, a young guy going by the name of Dave Partner has urged African parents against sending their young children to study overseas.

He claimed in an online warning video that any parent who sends their children to school abroad too soon has lost them for good.

Dave claims that before they pass away, they might only see their child or children one every ten times.

He said that just because some parents are wealthy enough to move their children to the US, UK, or Canada when they are still minors does not mean that they should.

He added that they adopt a foreign culture that is alien to that of an African home as they become adjusted to the new society they are living in.

The business trainer claimed that a child’s education, whether from teachers or fellow students, is one of the things that affects a change in character.

According to Dave Partner, the parent might not be permitted to visit their child until after they graduate or wed a white woman.

He said that since they didn’t learn anything about the family business from their parents, they won’t be interested in taking it over either.

The speaker emphasized that a child can undergo a variety of changes when living abroad, enough to cause them to lose touch with their roots.

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