APC National Youth Leader Urges Climate Finance Commitment at COP 27

The global north, including Europe and America, has been tasked by the APC National Youth Leader, Hon. Dayo Israel, to demonstrate a serious commitment to climate funding obligations in Africa if the continent is to meet the goals set for emissions and other actions identified to address the issue of the harmful increase in global temperature.

During a session of the COP 27 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Egypt in 2022, he issued the challenge.

Stressing the grave danger of ignoring the challenge of climate change to protect the future of young people and achieve sustainable development, Isreal said: “Africa, including my home country, Nigeria, has contributed so little to this problem, but we are left to bear the worst brunt. We are witnessing record droughts, flooding, and other environmental disasters all linked to the warming climate.”

“On top of that, we are asked to sacrifice growth opportunities and neglect satisfying pressing national needs in the interest of the planet even if those making the demand, the same people with a more significant share of responsibility for the problem, are dodging their obligations, especially financing the gaps the shifts they are demanding will cause.”

Israel argued that the All Progressives Congress, or APC, understands how climate change will affect future generations and sustainable development, particularly as Nigeria continues to mourn the lives lost to the devastating floods that struck several regions of the nation this year, primarily as a result of worsening weather and rainfall.

“I have been to numerous states in Nigeria where climate change has resulted in devastating floods, to witness, first-hand, the extent of the damage recorded. Many farmers have lost their means of livelihood and other families are now displaced because their homes are submerged in water. This is a challenge we take seriously as a ruling party in charge of the government. We understand that solving it is crucial to our ambition to guarantee our youths a safe and prosperous future,” he said.

He emphasized that many things, including the $100 billion annual investment pledged by the bloc to support climate actions in Africa, depend on the West taking its responsibility seriously.

“The West must take the lead on this issue. That’s the quickest and most effective path forward. We share the objective of protecting the planet and bequeathing to the future generation a safe and livable world. But we must not be made to pay the biggest price for a problem we didn’t cause. Not when those making the demands and setting the targets are quick to resort to the same actions they condemn when they feel an energy pinch. He who comes into equity must come with clean hands,” he concluded.

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