As she turns 31, Nancy Isime writes an open letter to God, stating, “The peace I have discovered comes from you.”

As she celebrates her 31st birthday today, December 17, actress and media personality Nancy Isime has sent a message to God.

The damsel in disarray used Instagram to post gorgeous images.

Nancy expressed her gratitude for chapter 31 and said she was absolutely right when she said she knew her time on the third floor would be the happiest of her life.

She thanked God in a letter for everything, but especially for the serenity she had experienced because of him.

“Chapter 31.

I knew the 3rd floor will be the best years of my Life and I wasn’t wrong at all!!!

Dear God,
Words can’t describe.
Words aren’t enough.

Thank you…. For everything!
This peace I’ve found can only come from you.

Thank you!
It’s my birthday everyoneeeeee”.

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