“being skinny”- Nancy Isime reveals previously unknown details about the chubby behind

Nancy Isime, a popular actress, has shared new photos on social media days after receiving widespread criticism for her curvy body.

Nancy Isime discusses her new body. Nancy’s new curvy body was for a movie role, as she identified her character as ‘Chubby Bolanle.’

The actress revealed that her new body stayed with her for a longer period of time than she had planned, and that she was returning to her skinny self.

In her words: “Big Nancy!!….Literally! Enjoying my last few days as “Chubby Bolanle” This is definitely one character that has stayed with me longer than I intended but yeah! Skinny Nancy is making her way back…watch this space Anyways, guess who’s birth month it is! Meeeee Happy New Month Fam❤️”

Some of the reactions below:

veronicaogbonda: “Happy New Month Big Nancy. In addy .” valmel19: “I want just the white cap☺️.”

kingsley_vb: “Our very own Nancy ❤️❤️ beauty at its peak.”

precious02_gg: I’m so proud, I show you off to my friend in Canada like you’re my sister. Love you Nancy❤️❤️.”

enioluwaofficial: “and you know the MF vibesssssss! Don’t play with her.‍❤️.”

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