Nigeria: Reactions to a frustrated man seen sitting on the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge railings

A motorist sparked outrage online after spotting a young man on the Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge and recording him.

The bare-chested man sat on the bridge rails facing the river, and it is assumed that he was planning to jump inside.

The guy in the video, which has gone popular on social media, yelled out to him and advised him not to commit Suicide.

He comforted him by stating there is still hope, but the ostensibly depressed man did not appear to be interested in what he was saying because he did not turn back.

The motorist known on Twitter as @OLUWA_FLEMING; ”Just saw this guy sitting like this on lekki ikoyi link bridge just now….I no know wetin dey sup…”

See the clip below:

Some people thought he should have assisted the attempted suicide, while others asked why he was recording.

@JoysSparkle; Why u dey video am from afar? What if he jumps as you’re recording?

@heis_gentle; If you really cared you could have walked up to him and had a conversation to know what up. Everybody these days be seizing every opportunity they get to post content online, it’s insensitive.

@emmiceen; There is always hope, suicide is the worst option. Take a deep breath and re-trace your step and you will find where u went wrong 💙🫂🙏

@iamgodlee; Send him money. Talk talk no dey reach anywhere again. We are generous with our words but never with our pockets

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