Lizzy Gold said, “Filming by 2am, if I buy a car tomorrow, you people will say it came from a male.”

Actress Lizzy Gold laments the false assertion that affluent men fund celebrities’ extravagant lifestyles on social media.

The mother of two posted a video on her Instagram story from a movie set around two in the morning.

When Lizzy Gold displayed her script to online users, she pledged that she was still at work at that time and that if she decided to treat herself to an exotic whip, people would start to believe that a guy was responsible for her success.

In her words:

“So this is 2 o’clock in the morning and I’m still filming, see I’m still reading my script. This job no easy ooo. It is not easy. If tomorrow now we buy one big car, you will come and say it’s one man that dash me money, see as I dey hustle hard now.

You people are sleeping, I’m here working my ass out, okay ooo. I’m chewing gum so it’ll keep me awake because I don’t have to feel sleepy shooting this scene.”

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