“It was a toxic and abusive relationship.” – BeautybyBemi, Sheggz’s ex-girlfriend

Sheggz, the evicted Big Brother Naija star, is currently trending on social media after his ex-lover broke her silence on damaging allegations of abuse at his hands.

After 9 weeks of silence since her video resurfaced accusing an ex of being Sheggz, the lady known as BeautybyBemi has finally spoken up and explained her side of the story in detail.

During his media appearances, Sheggz denied the accuser narrative that has been pinned on him, claiming that because Bemi did not mention his name in her initial video, he could not be the abuser she spoke about.

Sheggz Fc, his fanbase, was overjoyed because they believed Sheggz had defended and proven himself innocent. They decided to call Bemi out, threaten her, and drag her because they suspected she was using Sheggz to gain clout and promote her YouTube channel.

Bemi had had enough of the insults and decided to speak her mind.

Read her detailed account below;

I’ve kept quiet all this time because I assumed it would all go away.
I’ve moved on with my life; I’m happier and in a better mental state.

But one thing I will not allow is for you to bully me or come after my bag.

You’ve called me all kinds of names, threatened my life, and cursed me mercilessly. Over a situation that is 100% accurate. I have nothing to do with the resurfacing of the video, and the unwarranted harassment continues.

Between 2019 and 2021, we dated on and off. He was mentally and verbally abusive, Narcissistic, very manipulative, overbearing, and the list goes on. The video went viral in November 2020, following my leg injury and our breakup.

All I’m going to say is that anyone with common sense can see Segun live and direct for who he is by watching the show, regardless of my video.

He’s definitely mastered the art of love bombing and female manipulation. He says things that women want to hear. Based on everything he said to her, it was almost as if I was watching myself through her.

Is he the first person to get tattoos and have piercings? Bye bye, boy.

I’ll tell you what else. EVERYTHING Segun said to Bella is also something he said to me. I’m not sure if he has a book where he writes all these things, but when he found out that the original video had been taken down since 2021 when we reconnected… of course, someone from his camp got it circulating again.

Also, how does an abusive man appear? He said he “fits” the profile because of his tattoos and piercings.

Segun went into the BBN house without any outside communication or phone, and all of a sudden he knew a video about him linked to abuse would surface; how did he know there could be a video circulating about him?

because it was obvious to me that he went there to try to change the narrative

He was obviously given a script to follow, which is why his family and friends must have warned him not to tell me what was going on there lol (awon werey).

He was obviously given a script to follow, which is why his family and friends must have warned him not to tell me what was going on there lol (awon werey).

Within an hour, this video has gone viral, and I’m being tagged left, right, and center, and my phone is ringing nonstop. Not even a day or two, let alone three… But for an hour? Come on, people.
When the show first aired, I was disgusted and couldn’t rate what I was seeing.

I was even annoyed for him, wondering if people could just let this go and judge him based on the show rather than this video, because we all deserve a second chance and make mistakes.

I then realized it was all a ploy, because where has he gone in the house?

The next day, he appears on BBN, and within less than an hour of his arrival, a reaction video to the video I made in 2020 begins circulating on social media.

I was perplexed because I didn’t understand it at the time. I then wished him luck and advised him to be himself. People will either love you or hate you, so just be yourself. That was my final words to him.

That could never happen, I said. For one thing, too much has happened; I was finding peace, and no amount of begging can change that.

This is where things start to get interesting. He goes on to tell me that he’ll be on BBN and that his family and friends have told him not to tell me.

I sent him a message while I was in a vulnerable state, because I was still healing from the situation.

Segun later called and apologized for everything, even attempting to impose that we reconcile.

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