“Help Me Beg Bobrisky to Forgive Me”: Man Who Got Tattoo of Crossdresser Falls Sick, Cries Out in Pain

  • Lord Casted, a young man, has reappeared after being famous in 2021 with his mother for obtaining a tattoo of Bobrisky on his arm.
  • The young man, who resembled a skeleton of his former self, sobbed in agony over an illness in a recent video.
  • Lord Casted begged Nigerians to assist him in pleading with Bobrisky for pardon and mentioned that the tattoo caused him to become critically unwell.

In 2021, Lord Casted, a young Nigerian man, gained notoriety after he and his mother attempted to attract Bobrisky’s attention by tattooing the crossdresser on his body.

The young man has recently reappeared on social media after suffering a major illness.

Lord Casted posted a video on social media showing his gaunt-looking body after he lost so much weight due to an illness.

He then went on to remind Nigerians who he was and explain that the equipment used during the tattooing of Bobrisky on his arm caused him to become ill.

Not stopping there, the young man, who was seriously shivering, begged Nigerians to help him plead with Bobrisky for forgiveness.

He said:

“Hello guys it’s Lord Casted. Do you remember the guy who tattooed Bobrisky on his arm? I am here o. All I wanted was just help, now I got the disease from the machine they used to draw the tattoo. I am already taking my dru*gs, I am okay, I am fine. I am shaking like this because I am still taking the dru*gs, so I want to beg all Nigerians, all bloggers to help me beg Bobrisky to forgive me, he should just make sure I am okay, please.”

See the video below:

Nigerians react to video of Bobrisky’s fan falling sick after getting tattoo

The video caused a massive buzz on social media after it went viral as netizens wondered what could have happened. Others, however, taunted the young man for getting a celebrity’s tattoo on his body.

Read what some of them had to say below:


“I Dey pity the guy sef …..see as all him ribs Dey show……na make God heal am “


“For once I go support bob he dashed you 50k gbam nobody can tell me otherwise this guy takes ice or something similar.”


“Ha! Things Dey happen for this life. But then again… why is he begging bobrisky? No be him go do the tattoo himself? Did bobrisky forget him?”


“I sympathize with u … Xo go sue d tatoo artist.4 using dat machine or talk which disease exactly is doing u let’s help raise fund .. or if u want to ask for help 4rm Ng ask straightforward.. which one is ur begging bob to forgive u.. did he cause d illness…”


“What did he do to bobrisky and what did bob did to him . I no understand.”


“If it’s a disease from d machine, Then is probably h@v.”


“Someone is dying and everyone is laughing. This can’t be real. What happened to humanity?”


“You sure say nah the tattoo dey cause am?”

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