Being a celebrity can’t stop me from entering okada – Actress, Beverly Osu

Beverly Osu, a Nigerian actress and model, has claimed that being famous will not prevent her from leading a normal life.

The attractive screen diva stated she doesn’t have to worry about what her followers think or say when she decides to ride an okada (commercial motorcycle).

When asked if she agreed with the idea that fans put pressure on celebrities, Beverly made the remark in an interview.

The Big Brother Africa star said; “Fans put pressure on people they want to put pressure on. I am never under pressure. The pressure that happens to me is the pressure from my loved ones, my family and myself.

I can jump on the bike right now and do what I have to do. I can dance on the street. I fought for my own freedom; I don’t want anyone to put any chip on my shoulder because I am still discovering myself.”

Speaking on health-related issues, Beverly Osu claimed that despite an increase in teenage suicide rates due to stress, Nigerians don’t take mental health issues seriously.

She said; “Nigerians don’t take mental health seriously. It is said that when one has an emotional problem, it weakens every other organ in one’s body. Mental health is real and it is inevitable for humans.

“I have heard people say to themselves, ‘I can never be depressed’. But there are moments when one slides into a dark side or a feeling of inadequacy. There are times when one feels overwhelmed. We (Nigerians) are trying now but we cannot deny the fact that young promising youths are killing themselves every day because they are overwhelmed.”

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