Chinedu ‘Aki’ Ikedieze: I’m no longer afraid of poverty.

Chinedu Ikedieze, commonly known as Aki, a veteran Nigerian actor, has stated that poverty no longer worries him, despite the fact that it was once his greatest dread.

He declared boldly that he works very hard and that he and poverty will never be together again.

Chinedu, who spoke in an interview, said; “Obviously, no one would want to dare poverty if one had had a face-off with it in the past (laughs). I work hard every day to keep poverty at arm’s length. I’m sure we (me and poverty) don’t have a relationship anymore.”

When asked why he and his bossom friend, Osita”Pawpaw” Iheme, played so many stereotypical roles in their early years, the comic actor explained that they were simply doing their jobs.

He said; “It is nothing. We were just enjoying ourselves as actors. Although some people may call it stereotypical roles, they should understand that we were paid to interpret those roles, and we did that convincingly.”

Regarding actors being chastised for flaunting their wealth in light of the level of poverty, Ikedieze stated:

“The truth is that they (actors) make the money and know the weight of their pockets. As such, they choose how to spend it. For me, being benevolent is a natural thing. If one does not have it, one cannot give it.”

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