We can talk about this at home – Man begs wife not to beat his side chic after she caught them in public (Watch video)

A woman caught her husband with his side chic in public, as seen in a video going viral online.

He stood between them to stop any physical altercation when his wife attempted to confront his wife’s side chic.

The man pleaded with his wife not to act irrationally and told her they could discuss the problem when they got home.

The mistress decided to defend herself by calling the woman names after the wife spilled what appeared to be a bottle of water on her husband and flung the bottle at her.

However, the man warned his partner to respect his wife by not insulting her. The wife then removed her slippers as he was speaking to her with the intention of using them on the other woman.

Read some comments below;

_luxeboss; Look at the way a whole wife is dressed 🤦🏾‍♂️ ladies y’all need to wise up

tricia_glitz; ion see the difference between the two tho honestly🤡😹😹😹😭

nelly_boat; Some men will make you dress like masquerade and later go for another lady. I know a guy who told her wife to cut her hair and the wife obeyed, she looked like toy. That hairstyle doesn’t look good on her but she did it for her man. The guy later went for a small girl who has started braiding her hair, those shs fresh graduates. Sometimes you don’t understand them oo

bonsu.appiah; Sometimes it’s not about being comfortable or complacent. The perpetual cheating nature of their husbands Drive them nut. When a woman is emotionally and psychologically drained the last thing she wants to think about is looks. Although this should be corrected, women cannot be blamed in all instances. We have cases where men marry very beautiful wives who dress up and look really hot at home but they end of with another ugly lady out there. Tabling the fault at the doorsteps of women is another way to enforce patriarchy.

embahpowergh; They become comfortable and complacent

ama.2682; Delay.ba I remember befor marriage,i always fantasized seeing myself in make-up…attractive dresses and heels to be moving around the house just like in movies and never to loose guard ….. but i got there n reality,life- stress- parenting and wifeying changed everything… IT IS NOT EASY AT ALL……. tho sometimes we try but 3ny3 b3t33

kofikingmusical; As a woman the lifestyle will change after marriage growth in business, parenting etc. I’ll like a woman looking homeless today n slay for a dinner night tomorrow cz I know ure stressed n can’t expect u looking fly all the time, buh guys how de hell😂😂…. do u step out to fight another woman looking like a rejection road traffic conductor 🤣🤣🤣🤣 aah my own inn

ama.2682; Before, I couldnt keep a hairdo on for 3weeks- not to entice anyone but i just had the time but in marriage I can keep cornroll for long haul without remembering to go fix my hair——— adwene nu ay3 shi—— plus all matters if life takes a toll and you forget you need to keep urself together…… but hmm igobeeee

shege602; Most men manipulate women at home through emotional trauma and others… these same women will be attending to 3 to 5 kids, from cooking to cleaning and y’all come up here and type nonsense that they get comfortable? 🤮🤮 such nonsensical comments.

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