“It’s insane to admit you cheated as a woman,” reality star Angel says in response to viral chatter.

Angel Smith of Big Brother Naija has taken to Twitter to criticize women who confess to their partners after cheating on them.

She said this in apparent response to a viral WhatsApp conversation between a man and his girlfriend in which the lady admitted to having sexual relations with another man.

During the conversation, the young lady, who felt bad about her actions, told her boyfriend about the affair and assured him that, despite doing ‘everything,’ she did not have sexual relations with the man in question.

In her words, “We did everything except sex”.

See chat below;

Big Brother Naija

The conversation sparked a social media debate, and reality show star Angel chimed in, saying it’s insane for a woman to admit infidelity.

According to her, women should deceive their partners and deny cheating on them, even if they claim to be aware of the affair.

The 22-year-old posted on Twitter,

“Admitting you cheated as a woman is crazy. What happened to gaslight girl boss?😭

In a follow-up tweet, she wrote, “I’m joking; admit please😔

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