Nigeria: I was sick of waiting – Lady proposes to boyfriend during date

A young Caucasian woman posted a video of herself surprising her boyfriend with a marriage proposal during their date.

The young lady stated that she was tired of waiting for him to propose to her, so she grabbed the bull by the horns and proposed herself.

She bought an expensive ring and hid it inside a small piece of cake they ordered at a restaurant, hoping he would discover it while eating.

The lady took the first bite, scooping it with a spoon, and she encouraged him to do the same.

However, as he cut a piece of it, she was the one who discovered the ring in her own piece of cake, and she acted surprised, as if he had placed it there.

Her man had a puzzled expression on his face as she sat up in her seat and said yes to him. But he didn’t seem ready to settle down, so he told her to calm down and said he didn’t put a ring inside.

”When you’re tired of waiting for him to propose, so you do it yourself,” she captioned the clip.

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Watch the video below:


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