He handed you a Lexus as a farewell gift, a blogger claims, accusing the woman who allegedly rejected Ooni’s proposal of lying.

Laide Lanre-Badmus has come under fire for allegedly lying about having rejected the Ooni of Ife’s marriage proposal.

The graduate in politics and international relations was rumored to have dated Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi for a while.

Popular blogs, however, claimed that Laide was a scorned lover who was angry that the traditional ruler left her and their entire relationship behind.

According to the site, the Ooni gave her a Lexus as payment for declining to become one of his increasing number of brides.

“Person wey talk say she refuse Ooni proposal na him be this with Ooni for inside plane ooo when the going was good with them before Ooni dump am come Dey marry every 3 market days, so when she talk say she refuse Ooni proposal…. E vex me ooo.

Person wey Ooni buy Lexus for to pay her off when Ooni when dump her, wo all of una go Dey alright and Ooni you sef Zukwanike, stop leading women on and dumping them at the end of the day, stop doing play boy , if you want marry them marry , if you no marry them no lead them on, na you cause this one wey this babe Dey do now , person wey don sew plenty white you wan come ghost am , how na….come in peace oooh”

However, she refused his proposal, despite prior reports that they were so enamored with one another that everyone inside and outside the palace believed their intimacy would lead to marriage.

Acclaimed journalist Kemi Ashefon was informed by a palace insider that Lanre-Badmus rejected because she couldn’t afford to split the Ooni with other women.

“Laide is a constant face in Ile Ife and there is no one in the palace who doesn’t know ‘Oloori Laide’. Yes, they call her Oloori in the palace and everyone thought Baba (Ooni) would marry her because he really loves her and she doesn’t joke with their affair.

“But she refused. She didn’t want the mass wedding for two months to take place between September and October 2022. Not because she didn’t love him (she still does) but because she doesn’t want to share the love of her life with so many women.

“Though it wasn’t Ooni’s intention to be polygamous, he couldn’t help it. He was instructed by the gods to marry many wives after Naomi left in December 2021 and he had to adhere to the instruction from the establishment.

“It’s really surprising that she would reject this proposal because they were very close and she was always with him. So many things are involved in this matter and it’s between LLB and the Ooni. They are still in love with each other anyways,” the source said.

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