A Nigerian lady ‘runs away’ when her lover proposes to her on campus.

The overjoyed reaction of a Nigerian lady after her man proposed to her in school has sparked reactions on social media.

The young man proposed to her on campus in front of numerous people, and she was overjoyed.

In a viral video, she hurried out in excitement and took off her wig as soon as she saw her lover on his knee.

To the surprise of bystanders, she eventually returned to hug him passionately while shouting.

The young girl answered yes to spending the rest of her life with her man, and he placed the ring on her finger.

She proudly displayed her engagement ring near the end of the video. The lady’s friend who posted the video mentioned in the caption that she is planning a wedding.

”I have a wedding to plan o E go choke normally😊 congratulations my gurl,” he wrote.

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