My wife thought I did fraud when I received my first N1m – Comedian, Ali Baba reveals

Ali Baba, a renowned Nigerian comedian who was born Atunyota Akpobome, claimed that when he earned N1.6 million in the 1990s, his wife thought he was doing advance fee fraud.

The comedian claimed that a major brand gave him that sum for a show in 1996 in an Instagram live session with a TV personality, Morayo Afolabi-Brown.

He claimed that his wife believed him to be participating in fraud when the bulk of the money—his first million—hit his account.

Ali Baba recalled that when he first arrived in Lagos and began performing stand-up comedy, he was making between N500 and N1000. However, over time, people began to value the services he provided.

He also discussed Lagos and how the development of the commercial city will affect the ability of state citizens to earn a living.

He said; “The first thing you must know is that Lagos is a centre for excellence. And, if you are not bringing that to the table, just stay where you are. It means that when you are coming to Lagos, people want the ‘A’ game in your performance.

Because of the service we offer, people call us (comedians) to perform at their gatherings. There are many who will criticize us if the service is subpar.

Ali Baba added; “If Lagos continues to grow, our earning power will also grow. I remember coming to Lagos and earning between N500 and N1000. But, the value that was placed on the service I offered increased.

In 1996, I was paid N1.6m by Guinness to promote one of their brands—Satzenbrau. We practically toured everywhere in the country. When the money came (into my account), my wife thought I had got involved in advance fee fraud.”

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