Burna Boy’s mother impresses his Paris fans by addressing them in French.

Burna Boy’s mother, Bose Ogulu, wowed thousands of Paris fans when she addressed them in French at his recent concert.

Bose Ogulu stole the show at the singer’s recently sold-out Paris concert. When he took the stage, Bose addressed his audience in French.

Fans who were taken aback by her command of the language screamed with delight.

In a recent interview with TV host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Bose Ogulu revealed how she managed her son, Burna Boy, as a form of sacrifice rather than ambition.

Burna’s career was managed by the businesswoman during its early stages in 2014, but she dropped out because she had children to raise, which came with a lot of responsibility.

“Burna Boy started in 2010 from Port Harcourt. Even before he took the name, he asked me to manage him. So, I’ve always managed him. It just wasn’t a full-time thing because I was raising kids and had bills to pay,”.

“He couldn’t pay me so I had to do my work. I signed the first deal on his behalf; handled most of his bookings. I’ve always been there but I hadn’t been involved in the day-to-day [tasks]. He was with the label; they had a road manager”, She said.

However, she returned to her managerial position in full in 2017 and has won several awards for the African Giant, earning her the moniker. “Mama Burna.”

“And he seemed on top of things. So I was just managing him and protecting his interest. I think I went full-time in 2017 because it just became evident that the day-to-day and other things I wasn’t handling were not going as well.

“And I had more time, fewer kids going to school that I had to pay bills for. And his business could evidently grow to pay me. It was a question of, ‘this guy is honestly the most talented person I’ve met in the last decade or more.”

Mama Burna claims that she came to manage him as a form of sacrifice, not with the intention of becoming a manager.

“For me, I came to manage him as a form of sacrifice, not ambition. And it’s gratifying to know that it’s become work that I love and can come up to become a legacy. What’s next for me? I look to keep doing what I’m doing.”, She concluded.

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