Female laborer sobs after receiving N10,000 from a stranger for her hard work.

Cutie Flawless, a female video creator, recounted what she did after observing a lady working as a laborer on a construction site.

She handed the girl N10,000 to encourage her because she noticed how devoted and dedicated she was at work.

In a video released online, the TikTok singer approached the laborer with a message that said, “Thank you for being industrious.” Take this N10,000 and help yourself.

She was overcome with emotion after reading the note and knelt in the sand she was packing into a bucket.

Cutie Flawless returned and gave her the N10,000 she mentioned in the note, making the hardworking lady even more emotional.

While the TikTok user walked away, the young lady stared at the money in disbelief. She then turned to face Cutie and mouthed the words, ‘Thank you.’

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