Video: Former senior Nigerian banker turns cleaner after relocating to UK

A former senior official with a Nigerian bank has revealed the type of job she ended up doing after moving to the United Kingdom.

The woman identified as Floxy Obi informed social media users that she is now working as a cleaner.

She took to TikTok, and shared a video of herself cleaning a living room while in uniform, noting that the reality overseas is far from what many imagine.

Floxy pitied herself and said that she has a masters degree but that did not still make it any easier for her to secure a white collar job.

She then recalled how she used to issue queries to junior bankers when she was still working in Nigeria.

The ex-banker further urged the Nigerian government to mke the country progressive so that no citizen would have reasons to travel out.

Sharing the video, Floxy captioned; ”UK will humble you. Masters degree holder indeed.

“Hahahaha laughing in Swahili 🤣🤣🤣 see Ex-banker wey sabi give query anyhow. Nigerian govt; right all the wrongs and we promise we will come back to our dear country.”

See the video below:

In similar news, a young lady took pride in revealing the type of job she does to survive while staying in a foreign nation.

The happy woman celebrated her growth from being a housemaid to working as a cleaner in Qatar.

Taking to her TikTok account, @shamiamuts, she disclosed that she previously worked as a housemaid in Saudi Arabia.

According to the post, the lady decided to go home and rest because working as a domestic worker was strenuous.

She apparently chose not to return to the househelp work after getting some much needed rest, rather, she flew to Qatar where she landed the cleaning job. Excited about her new status, she appreciated God for being there for her.

@shamiamuts shared some pictures of herself in a video-reel which also contained write-ups narrating her story.

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