Young Nigerian girl beats students from 50 countries to emerge winner of Quran competition in Dubai

After winning the yearly Quran memorization competition in Dubai, Aisha Abubakar Hussain, a gifted young Nigerian girl, has established herself as one of the top memorizers in the world.

Aisha Abubakar Hussain came in second place after defeating competitors from 48 different nations. She was from Kano State in northern Nigeria, and the judges were astounded by the remarkable recitation she demonstrated.

Fifty nations participated in the Dubai Quran memorizing competition, which was organized by the Dubai Culture and Science Society. Aisha Abubakar Hussain of Nigeria, Shima Anfal Tabani of Algeria, and Aindati Sisi of Senegal took the top two spots, respectively.

The first place winner received a reward of 350,000 dirhams, while the second and third received 200,000 and 150,000 dirhams, respectively, from the organizers. Additionally, other competitors received generous incentives.

In another story, the world’s best mathematician, Faith Odunsi of Nigeria, defeated competitors from every country to win the title of Global Champion in Mathematics.

In the Global Open Mathematics Tournament, Faith Odunsi of Nigeria outperformed competitors from the United States, the United Kingdom, China, and other nations.

She was popularly known for solving 19 mathematical questions at a record time of 60 seconds, a feat that marvelled the entire world present at the occasion. “It makes me happy and honoured,” Faith spoke about her win.

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