A Successful Palm wine tapper buys Mercedes Benz, builds two house (Photos/Video)

A proud landlord and Mercedes Benz owner from Nigeria who makes his income by tapping palm trees for wine has come forward.

The palm wine tapper identified only as Utobo claimed that the proceeds from the sale of his wares will be used to construct a two-story building and purchase a pricey automobile.


The 37-year-old self-employed man claims to tap wine from roughly 53 trees for 19 hours each day.


He claimed that by performing those actions three times each day, he is able to fill 24 gallons of palm wine at the end of each day, which he then sells at the market.


A content producer who was amazed by how Utobo become a multi-millionaire at a profession that many people would not agree to take up asked him for his story during an interview.


Watch the interview below;

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