Zinoleesky bought a house, but it affected his bank account – Speed Darlington

Speed Darlington, a star on the Nigerian internet who has been compared to singer Zinoleesky after the latter bought a mansion, has responded.

He claimed that despite the fact that the “Jaiye Foreign” owns a property, he is failing to take care of himself because the amount he spent on the house left a sizable hole in his bank account.

Speed Darlington

In response to fans who make fun of him by saying that he is making TikTok videos and trolling people while newer entertainers are becoming popular, Speed Darlington started an Instagram live session.

He claimed that Zinoleesky appears undernourished and that a significant part of the reason for this is that he skips meals since he can no longer afford to eat nutritious three-course dinners.

swift a She claimed if he were to buy a house, his body would still be in good shape and he wouldn’t forgo meals to get by when he was short on money.

He claimed that Zino’s hands and legs appear small since he is unable to feed properly after spending a significant amount of his money to purchase the crib.

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