‘It used to be very easy being a good person’ – Empress Njamah’s brother, John reflects on life

The well-known filmmaker John Njamah, the older sibling of the Nollywood actress Empress Njamah, recently took stock of his life’s path.

On Wednesday, Njamah observed on his Instagram page that while it used to be relatively simple to be a decent person, that is no longer the case.

“It used to be very easy being a good person… you know helping as much as you can, giving whole heartedly and expecting nothing in return… it used to be very easy cos it was the right thing to do.. but now, a lot of bad things happen to good people… and this bad things are caused by people you have GIVEN in the past, people that you have opened your heart to, people that you call FRIENDS… and their reciprocity is all forms of bad gestures and ill thinking towards you… ITS REALLY SAD!. It used to be easy trusting people cos it was the right thing to do… but our present reality has dismissed all of that.. and has thought is otherwise,” he wrote.

This comes shortly after Empress ended her quiet regarding the online leak of her X-rated movies.

Josh Wade, the actress’s ex-fiance, shared personal films to bloggers at the start of the new year, sparking controversy for the actress.

Wade had threatened to distribute these films, and Njamah had left the relationship and reported it.

In the early hours of 2023, he allegedly created a WhatsApp group where he released videos he allegedly recorded of the actress in her home, making good on his threat.

Women were urged not to fall victim to such on social media in response to this outrage.

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