It’s amusing that she didn’t launch her campaign before to the release of her new film, Angry Nigerians drag Toyin Abraham for supporting Tinubu.

Nigerians have taken to social media to criticize Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham for supporting Bola Tinubu’s candidacy for president of the All Progressives Party.

This came after a live video of Kemi Afolabi and Toyin Abraham in which the former fiercely criticized Toyin for standing up for and protecting Tinubu.

Toyin Abraham defended Tinubu, which infuriated Kemi Afolabi despite the fact that they did not exchange insulting words.

Kemi Afolabi listed several problems in Nigeria, including as the End SARS mass executions, fuel shortages, shoddy public infrastructure, and a lack of social facilities for the least fortunate.

Kemi Afolabi, who insisted she is not asking for fan assistance, described her struggles while being admitted to a public hospital due to her urgent medical needs.

Toyin Abraham was criticized by many in the comments section for supporting Tinubu without taking into account their disapproval of him.

Several people asserted that Toyin Abraham purposefully announced her candidacy after her movie was a box office success because they would have boycotted her.

Lol, it’s funny how she didn’t start her campaign before her new movie,” one Simbiii commented.

Toyin, you are talking nonsense, a Laviva wrote. You need to have said this before releasing your most recent motion picture.

Accessories commented, “This Toyin will think she has sense, why didn’t she declare for Tinubu before releasing that ijakumo movie…?” as another.

Toyin asked, “Why not discuss police brutality instead of End sars? Isn’t that not what gave rise to End sars? What was Tinubu’s answer to that protest, even in Lagos, where he resides? one Esty asked.

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