Naira Marley hints that he doesn’t want to quit smoking weed even for ‘Godly’ reasons

Naira Marley, a Nigerian rapper who goes by Azeez Fashola, has submitted an odd prayer request related to his smoking habits.

He prayed to God that he not be forced to perceive any justification for quitting cannabis use or to experience anything that would force him to do so (weed).

Naira Marley

Through his official Twitter account, Marley made this statement that got people discussing.

He said; “God please don’t let me see what will make me leave smoking. Amen”

Read comments below..

@Juliusjiya1; Science: Carbon monoxide is harmful because it binds to hemoglobin in the blood,which causes fatigue,headaches, confusion, ad dizziness due to inadequate oxygen delivery to the brain.

@Adeniyi17827561; You are a great talented artist. Real men don’t do drugs to get get high their aspiration are their drug. I pray that Allah will make it easy for you to stop. Remember Bob Marley died of lung cancer

@Snookumpookum; What do yall use when u start feeling pain in your chest? Anyone please, It’s legit hard to stop smoking

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